I'm K. Alex Walker.

I write books about Black women and the alphas who love them.

Raina Daniels and Lucas Saraci are sworn enemies.

Warring dragons from rival factions.

The Montagues and Capulets of the modern world...kind of.

To Raina, Lucas is a handsome egotistical maniac with green eyes and fangs she swears exist but hasn’t been able to prove. To Lucas, Raina is a beautiful, intelligent, maddening breath of fresh air who, in one presentation, reinvigorates what was becoming a medical career far removed from what he originally intended for it to be.

Yet, for two people who can’t stand to be around one another, they can’t seem to stop wanting to be around each other. So, when they find themselves at another conference, this time in Las Vegas, they try something different.

They try being nice.

They try getting along.

They try thinking that a few drinks, a high-stakes poker game, and a private hotel suite won’t lead to anything except maybe a few lost dollars or seconds of dignity.

Until they wake up in bed together wearing matching rings with no recollection of the night before...sort of.

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Dark romance with rugged alphas and strong heroines.

Mafia regimes and allegiances form and fall, but love never falters.

Paranormal and fantasy romance with elements of history, crime, romance, magical realism, and mythology.

Heartfelt, contemporary romance that touches on everyday issues---success, age gap, trauma, mental health.

Steamy, STEAMY romance with drama, second chances, and satisfying HEAs.

Novellas and collaborative standalones about finding love during the romantic allure of the holidays.


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